Outlaw Star (Original Soundtrack 1)
A Date
Originally performed by
Composer Ayako Kawasumi
Hiroshi Uesugi
Jun Yamazaki
Lyrics Ayako Kawasumi
Performer(s) Ayako Kawasumi
Length 5:29
Albums Outlaw Star Original Soundtrack II
Preceded by "Eyecatch"
Followed by "Setsuna"

"A Date", is the character theme of Melfina and appears on Outlaw Star Original Soundtrack II. Performed by Ayako Kawasumi, "A Date" describes Melfina's quandary over her new experiences as a newly awakened bio android and her relationship with Gene Starwind. "A Date" was never featured in the series and is a soundtrack exclusive theme.


『A Date』
「星方武侠アウトロースター」より~メルフィナ キャラクター・ャ塔O
風さえも 感じない
痛みも 知らないままで
目を閉じて いたいけれど
何かが 見えはじめて
でも あなただけは変わらず
いてほしいの ずっと
ひとつずつ 覚えてゆく
切なさや ほほ笑みを
その言葉は 知ってても
でも今なら 伝えられる
私だけが あなたに
出来ることが あるはず
いつかきっと あなたを
守るときが くること
いつかきっと あなたを
守るときが くること

kaze sae mo kanjinai
itami mo shiranai mama de
me o tojite itai keredo
nani ka ga mie hajimete
demo anata dake ha kawarazu
ite hoshii no zutto
mune no oku de umareta
kono omoi no kotae ga
hontou no kokoro de
wakaru toki ga kuru koto
hitotsu zutsu oboete yuku
setsuna saya hohoemi o
sono kotoba ha shittetemo
kokoro ha tomadotteta
demo ima nara tsutaerareru
itoshi sa no imi o
watashi dake ga anata ni
dekiru koto ga aru hazu
itsuka kitto anata o
mamoru toki ga kuru koto
mune no oku de umareru
kono omoi no kotae ha
itsuka kitto anata o
mamoru toki ga kuru koto

I can't even feel the wind
without knowing pain.
I want to close my eyes, but
I start to see something...
But I always wish
that you alone would not change.
The day will come when I will know,
with my true heart,
the answer to these feelings
that were born in the depths of my heart.
One by one, I'm learning
things like heartbreak and smiles
Even though I knew those words
my heart was confused
But know I can tell of
the meaning of love.
I think there is something
that only I can do for you.
Someday, without a doubt, the day is coming
when I will protect you.
The answer to these feelings
that are born in the depths of my heart
is that someday, without a doubt, the day is coming
when I will protect you

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