Adrift in Subspace
Adrift in Subspace
Outlaw Star episode
English Title Adrift in Subspace
Japanese Title "Akūkan Hyōryū" (亜空間漂流)
Writer Hajime Yatate
Director Mitsuru Hongo
US Airdate January 29, 2001
Japanese Airdate March 19, 1998
Previous Episode "Gathering for the Space Race"
Next Episode "Mortal Combat with the El Dorado"

"Adrift in Subspace" is the eleventh episode of Outlaw Star. The episode aired March 19, 1998 on TV Tokyo in Japan and January 29, 2001 on Toonami in North America.


The Outlaw Star fights to stay in the running of the space race when it's attacked without warning by the El Dorado while preparing to enter sub-ether space. To make matters worse, they're being tailed by the Ctarl-Ctarl from before, Aisha Clan-Clan.



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