Blue Heaven
Blue Heaven's exterior.
Outlaw Star Location
Planet N/A
Inhabitant(s) Various
Status Active

Blue Heaven is a free town, embedded into a large asteroid in space. It is considered to be a popular place for outlaws.[1]


Populated and frequented mostly by outlaws and travelers, Blue Heaven is stocked with establishments such as bars, restaurants, hotels and various shops.[1] The town is largely illuminated by bright neon lights, evident by the vibrant signs and massive lettering attached to the exterior. The settlement has no moons in its orbit.[2]


  • The Outlaw Star was registered and painted its trademark red color by Swanzo and Mikey, a pair of mechanics who work at one of the docks on Blue Heaven.[2]
  • Aisha Clan-Clan was left stranded on Blue Heaven after being demoted from her position as an ambassador in the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire, and was subsequently left behind by Gene Starwind to pay a large restaurant bill.[2]




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