Blue Heaven
Blue Heaven's exterior.
Outlaw Star Location
Planet N/A
Inhabitant(s) Various
Status Active

Blue Heaven is a free town, embedded into a large asteroid in space. It is considered to be a popular place for outlaws.[1]


Populated and frequented mostly by outlaws and travelers, Blue Heaven is stocked with establishments such as bars, restaurants, hotels and various shops.[1] The town is largely illuminated by bright neon lights, evident by the vibrant signs and massive lettering attached to the exterior of the asteroid. The settlement has no moons in its orbit.[2]


  • The Outlaw Star was registered and painted its trademark red color by Swanzo and Mikey, a pair of mechanics who work at one of the docks on Blue Heaven.[2]
  • Aisha Clan-Clan was left stranded on Blue Heaven after being demoted from her position as an ambassador in the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire, and was subsequently left behind by Gene Starwind to pay a large restaurant bill.[2]