Chapter of the Galactic Dragon Vein (Volume 1)
Chapter of the Galactic Vein V1
Outlaw Star: Chapter of the Galactic Dragon Vein
Outlaw Star Manga
English Title Outlaw Star: Chapter of the Galactic Dragon Vein
Japanese Title 銀河の龍脈編
Length 287 pages[1]
Writer Katsuhiko Tiba,
Takehiko Itō (original, manga),
Hajime Yatate (original, series)
Illustrator Takuya Saitou
Trade Published by Shueisha Inc.
Trade Release Date October 1998[1]
Volume(s) 1
ISBN ISBN-10: 408613327X

Outlaw Star Ginga no Ryū Myaku Hen (OUTLAW STAR 銀河の龍脈編? lit. "Outlaw Star: Chapter of the Galactic Dragon Vein") is a two-volume light novel adaptation of the twenty six episode series, Outlaw Star. Chapter of the Galactic Dragon Vein was written by Katsuhiko Tiba (千葉 克彦 Chiba Katsuhiko) and illustrated by Takuya Saitou (斎藤 卓也 Saitō Takuya). Volume one was released October 1998.[1]


On the lawless planet Sentinel III, jack-of-all-trades Gene Starwind and his buddy Jim Hawking, receive a special parts and estort request from a mysterious beauty named Rachel Sweet. However, what appears to be a run-of-the-mill job transforms into something far more involved and entangled with the likes of an outlaw named "Hilda" on the run from Space pirates from the Kei Pirate Guild and after stealing a vital key to the Galactic Leyline.



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