Clyde's Bar
The front of Clyde's Bar.
Outlaw Star Location
Planet Sentinel III
City Locust
Owner(s) Clyde
Inhabitant(s) Various
Establishment N/A
Status Active

Clyde's Bar is the name of a bar located in the city of Locust on Sentinel III.[1]


Clyde's Bar is managed by Clyde and presumably one waitress named Iris. Depending on the level of activity within the bar, Clyde makes what appears to be a modest living tending customers, both frequent and infrequent.

The bar is particularly favored by the likes of Clyde's friends, Gene Starwind and Jim Hawking, as the two tend to deal with targets of bounty and and unruly customers. In the aftermath of a fight started or ended by Starwind, Clyde's bar sees an increase in customers, which helps him out financially.[1]