Hiru no Tsuki-01
Daytime Moon
Originally performed by
Composer Akino Arai
Yoko Kanno
Lyrics Akino Arai
Performer(s) Akino Arai
Length 1:30 (Ending)
3:30 (Original)
Episode(s) "Outlaw World" through "Final Countdown"
Albums Daytime Moon (single)
Outlaw Star Original Soundtrack I
Outlaw Star Original Soundtrack II
Outlaw Star Sound & Scenario Tracks
Preceded by "Through the Night"
Followed by "House of the Moon"
Outlaw Star Ending 1 - "Hiru no Tsuki"01:31

Outlaw Star Ending 1 - "Hiru no Tsuki"

"Daytime Moon", better known as "Hiru no Tsuki", is the closing theme of Outlaw Star. Performed by Akino Arai, "Daytime Moon" was the featured ending theme from episode one to episode fourteen. Its melody was used as the basis for "Melfina's Song" in episode 21, "Grave of the Dragon" in the English dub.


oto no nai mahiru
kaze ha tada akarui
sukoshi nemutasou ni
hanabira ga yureta
nani ge nai kono omoi
nee, hito ha donna kotoba de yondeiru no
shiroi suna no tsuki
toji kometa hanashi o
hikari furasu you ni
kikasete ne sotto
itsuka shiru toki ga kuru no? mune no itami o
soshite ima yori yasashiku naru no ne
atatakai kono omoi
nee, hito ha donna namae de yondeiru no
shiroi suna no tsuki
mabushikute mienai
tooi mirai no koto
kikasete ne sotto

One soundless mid-day,
the wind was so cheerful.
Flower petals sway in the breeze
as if they were sleepy.
This serene feeling...
Tell me, what's the word people use for it?
Tell me a story that's locked away
in the white-sand moon.
Let me hear it
as gently as light shining down....
Will the time come? When you will know the pain in my heart?
Then you'd be able to be gentler than you are now.
Such a warm feeling...
Tell me, what's the name that people give to it?
Softly, let me hear
of the distant future,
so bright it can't be seen,
like a white-sand moon.



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