Daytime Moon (single)
Hiru no Tsuki (Single)
Cover for "Hiru no Tsuki" single
Outlaw Star Album
Name Daytime Moon
Released January 21, 1998[1]
Label Victor Entertainment
Genre J-Pop
Composer Akino Arai, Yoko Kanno (arrangement)
Tracks 4
Length 51:15
Catalog Number 30073 VIDL
Previous Album Through The Night (single)
Next album Outlaw Star Original Soundtrack I

"Daytime Moon" (昼の月/ Hiru no Tsuki?)[1] is the official single for the song of the same name, written and performed by Akino Arai. The single was released January 21, 1998 by Victor Entertainment.


No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Daytime Moon (昼の月/ Hiru no Tsuki?)"  Akino Arai 3:30
2. "Human Child (人間の子供 Ningen no Kodomo?)"  Akino Arai 5:15
3. "Daytime Moon (Instrumental) (昼の月/ Hiru no Tsuki?)"  Akino Arai 3:30
4. "Human Child (Instrumental) (人間の子供 Ningen no Kodomo?)"  Akino Arai 5:15




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