Deis (Angel Links)
Deis and Meifon Li cross paths
Biographical information
Given name Deis
Species Unknown
Physical description
Hair Blue
Eyes Black
Career information
Affiliation Space pirate
Business Partner(s) Jesia
Ship unnamed pirate ship
Weapons Standard pistol
Out-of-Universe information
First appearance "The Rain Upon the Stars"
Japanese VA Seki Tomokazu[1]

Deis[2] is a space pirate and member of Jesia’s crew on her ship.


Deis was extremely opportunistic and loathed the fact that Jesia’s affections laid with the Angel Links officer, Kosei Hida. He suspected that Jesia’s orders to attack the Angel Links were motivated by her need to get Kosei’s attention and became frustrated, as he was promised to marry Jesia by order of her father.[2]

When Jesia left the ship and went out with Kosei, Deis and his partner, another crew member of Jesia’s ship, plotted to steal the ship from her. Deis and the other crew member attacked them, with Deis attempting to shoot Jesia twice. However, he was stopped by the intervention of Meifon Li and Kosei, who protected Jesia.[2]

Deis was rendered unconscious by Meifong’s attack during the fight, and JJ, the other crew member, succeeded in killing Jesia and escaped (albeit only to be killed by Kosei later on). Deis was likely arrested for his involvement in Jesia's death.[2]


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