"It's pretty cool, d'ya think?"
—Gene posing with his weapon[1]

The Double-barreled Firearm is a frequently used weapon of Gene Starwind. As the name suggests, it has two barrels, bearing a resembelance to a shotgun.


The weapon is commonly used by Gene in most fire-fights, usually to wear down enemies and judge whether or not a much more powerful weapon is needed, such as his caster gun.[2] Occasionally, he uses it to intimidate and hold up enemies, and can be seen playfully twirling the weapon around his trigger finger.[3] It is kept in a brown holster attached to Gene's waist, being concealed by his large cloak in most cases.

The design of the firearm is ambiguous - it is difficult to percieve exactly what the weapon is based on. While it features two barrels and appears to be loaded via a break-open mechanism - similar to a shotgun - it has a vertical grip (as opposed to a straight stock prevolent on most shotguns) and appears to be very accurate even at a great range, akin to a handgun.




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