This article is about the species in the series Angel Links.. You may be looking for The species Saurian or the mineral Dragonite.

Dragonite are a humanoid species in the Toward Star Era.[1][2]


Little is publicly known about the history of the Dragonite species. It's suggested that the number of them in the present day, the Toward Star Era, are few. Of the number known, the Dragonite are known for their prowess in combat and skills in hand-to-hand combat.[2] However, ancient artifacts, such as a Dragonite statue dating back almost sixty-million years[1], suggest that there was more to their species than their ability to fight. Dragnite consider Terrans (or "Mammalian" as they often refer to them) as an inferior species compared to themselves.[1]


As a humanoid species, Dragonite bear more than a few resemblances to Terran as far as physical attributes goes. However, that is where the similarities stop. Dragonite predominantly reptilian in stature and appearance; pale gray skin, red, and a crown of horn-esque portrudents atop their head. Though they may appear incapable of expression emotion, behavioral signal or signs of their mood can be identified by their tails. A Dragonite's tail twitching typically suggests they are excited or in good spirits.[1] Dragonite can also control the level of their body temperature, an ability that can make invisible to technology that pick up on heat signatures. Their sense of smell also allows them to pick up on the sent of Terrans, but not necessarily determine who the individual is.


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