Doc Gawado Profile
Biographical information
Given name Gawado
Age 62[1]
Species Terran
Physical description
Hair Graying
Eyes Brown
Career information
Affiliation Links Group
Occupation Doctor[1]
Ship Angel Links (crewman)
Out-of-Universe information
First appearance "Guardian Angel"
Japanese VA Kazuya Nakai

Gawado[1] (ドック・ガワード Dock Gaward?), also known as "Doc Gawado", is a doctor serving on the Angel Links.[2]


At sixty-two years old, Gawado is the eldest member of the Angel Links crew. A doctor aboard the Angel Links, Gawado tends to the safekeeping and health of the crew. In combat situations, he typically keeps a calmer head than most of the crew and is largely an observer. When Yayoi was poisoned by Leon Lau[3], Gawado deduced that the toxin used was stolen from a major complex. Its creators had yet to synthesize a proper antidote.[4]


  • Gawado is often seen cleaning his monocle.