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Harry MacDougall
Harry MacDougall Profile
Biographical information
Given name Henry MacDougall[1]
Nickname(s) Harry
Age 19[1]
Blood Type AB[1]
Species Terran,
Biological Android
Physical description
Hair Aqua-Green
Eyes Purple
Height 5'10" (177 cm)[1]
Weight 141 (64 kg)[1]
Career information
Affiliation Outlaw
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Business Partner(s) Ron MacDougall
Ship El Dorado
Out-of-Universe information
First Manga appearance N/A
First Anime appearance "World of Desires" (mentioned),
"Into Burning Space"
English VA Steve Staley
Japanese VA Tsutomu Kashiwakura
"Die! Die! Die! Die! You die!"
—Harry MacDougall[2]

Henry "Harry" MacDougall (ハリー・マクドゥーガル Harī Makudūgaru?) was a artificially created human being, biological android and the younger brother of Ron MacDougall.


Early LifeEdit

Little to nothing personal is known about Ron or his brother Harry. It is said those with any remote personal information on the MacDougall Brothers "disappear" once they find out.[2] According to Harry, he was "grown" using a mix of genetic material. He describes himself (and Melfina) as a "construct".[1]

Harry and Ron made a name for themselves as the MacDougall Brothers, mercenaries and "outlaws" who will take any job from anyone, no matter the affiliation, so long as they are paid well for the work they are hired to do.

Confrontation with "Hot Ice" HildaEdit

Heifong Space RaceEdit

Hunting MelfinaEdit

The Galactic LeylineEdit








Concept ArtEdit


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