House of the Moon (single)
Tsuki no Ie (Single)
Cover for "House of the Moon" single
Outlaw Star Album
Name House of the Moon
Released April, 22 1998[1]
Label Victor Entertainment
Genre J-Pop
Composer Akino Arai
Tracks 4
Length 8:52
Catalog Number VIDL-30201
Previous Album Outlaw Star Original Soundtrack I
Next album Outlaw Star Original Soundtrack II

"House of the Moon" (この時代の中で Tsuki no Ie?)[1] is the official single for the song of the same name, written and performed by Akino Arai. The single was released April 22, 1998 by Victor Entertainment.


No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "House of the Moon (月の家 Tsuki no Ie?)"  Akino Arai 3:28
2. "Black Seed (黒い種 Kuroi Tane?)"  Akino Arai 5:24
3. "House of the Moon (Off Vocal) (月の家 Tsuki no Ie?)"  Akino Arai 3:28
4. "Black Seed (Off Vocal) (黒い種 Kuroi Tane?)"  Akino Arai 5:24



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