Jesia Garland
Jesia (Makeover)
Jesia after her makeover by Sally
Biographical information
Given name Jesia
Species Terran
Physical description
Hair Red
Eyes Brown
Career information
Affiliation Space pirate
Business Partner(s) Deis
Ship unnamed pirate ship
Out-of-Universe information
First appearance "The Rain Upon the Stars"
Japanese VA Miki Nagasawa[1]

Jesia[2] is a space pirate and the would-be girlfriend of Kosei Hida.


Almost nothing about Jesia’s life prior to becoming a pirate is ever revealed. It's stated by one of her crewmen, Deis, that she was promised to him and that, in the event that she is killed or no longer able to captain her ship, she’ll be replaced any of the members of her crew.[2]

At some point in time, Jesia visited Altair on Oracion IV and met Kosei and Valeria Vertone. Accustomed to the rough and generally tactless environment of a pirate’s life, Jesia is caught off guard by Kosei’s act of kindness when he gives her his handkerchief when he notices her crying. She follows him and Valeria to a bar where she watches from a distance.[2]

Much later, Jesia learns Kosei is employed with the Angel Links organization and decides to attack the Angel Links ship in an attempt to gain Kosei’s attention. When she does, she tells him that she wanted to speak with him again. As a result of his captain’s orders, Kosei decides to look for Jesia, inadvertently ending up at her favorite bar in Altair. When she arrives, Jesia admits surprise that he came looking for her.[2]

When the two leave the bar, they run into Iris, a co-worker of Clyde’s. She asked them to come back and the two had dinner together. Flustered by the fact that Kosei paid for most of their meals, Jesia treats him to ice cream. When she tries to return his handkerchief, she admits that she doesn’t know how to act around a man she’s romantically interested in and asks if they should “go to a hotel” next. Kosei, understanding her position, tells her "no". Sometime after, the two get stuck in the rain and take cover under a tree.

Their time together is interrupted by the sudden appearance of Deis, the crewmember that wished to marry her. He attempted to kill her, only to be fended off by Meifon Li (who'd been tracking them since their meeting at the bar) and Kosei. However, Jesia was shot from behind by the another crewmate and died in Kosei’s arms.[2]




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