Liberty Bells
Liberty Bells (gang)
The Liberty Bells
Outlaw Star faction
Established Unknown, Sentinel III
Dissolved Chapter 1: Fire & Ice
Leader(s) Wraith
Key Member(s) 2 Unnamed gang members
Sub Group(s) None
Ship(s) N/A
Allies N/A
Ruling system(s) N/A

The Liberty Bells are a gang native to Sentinel III.[1] A large part of Sentinel I's area was considered the territory of the Liberty Bells, as many ships coming to and from Sentinel III were victims of attacks committed by the Liberty Bells.


Led by Wraith, the Liberty Bells fought against self-proclaimed gunman, Gene Starwind. During their altercation, Gene was thought to have killed Wraith. However, Wraith managed to survive and for sixth months, the Liberty planned their revenge against Gene with the help of Wraith's girlfriend.

When they finally confronted Gene and his partner, Jim Hawking, the gang attempted to kill him in a public neighborhood. However, Gene used a light shield against their firearms and tried to kill them with what he assumed were live rounds in his gun.

When they survived, Wraith revealed that his bullets were replaced with smoke rounds by his girlfriend, the woman Gene had been sleeping with prior to their second confrontation. The Liberty Bells chased Starwind and Hawking into an alley where they ran into a mysterious woman who they pay no attention to.

A little later, Jim discovers Wraith and the Liberty Bells were killed by unknown assailants shortly after they escaped.[1]