This article is about The biological granddaughter. You may be looking for the biological android.

Meifon (Real)

Meifon before her death

Meifon Li (李 美鳳 Ri Meifon?, Hanyu Pinyin: Lǐ Měifèng) is the late granddaughter of Chenho Li.


Meifon Li was born in the Toward Stars Era on June 30, 142 to one of Chenho Li's children. She was raised in a fairly stable family environment with her parents and her grandfather. She was also close with Chenho Li's Ulgen, who she referred to as "Uncle Ulgen". One day, Meifon and her grandfather visited the park on Oracion IV.

Meifon was separated from Chenho when she wandered off on her own. In an open field, she encountered a former partner of Chenho's, Goryu. Unaware of Chenho's previous life as a Space pirate, Meifon approaches Goryu without suspicion of danger. As a result, she is shot and killed before Chenho's very eyes.[1]

Seeking revenge, Chenho used the technology he discovered on the Mystel asteroid and created a biological android with his granddaughter's likeness, programmed with all the memories of his late granddaughter and the intent to kill Goryu when the time was right.