Nibiru-Boribori-3 OS Anime-10
The Nibiru-Boribori starts.
Technical information
Ship type Trading Ship
Artillery Machine Gun
Affiliation Ctarl-Ctarl
Captain Nubata Kunono
Additional crew Copilot
Aisha Clan-Clan
Out-of-Universe information
First Anime appearance "Gathering for the Space Race"

The Nibiru-Boribori is to a Ctarl-Ctarl trading ship that participated in the Thirteenth Annual Heifong Space Race as Ship #7. The pilot and owner, Mr. Nubata Kunono, used the ship for trading with Heifong.[1] Unlike an Imperial ship, it lacked Guriguri missiles and a Gangan cannon, only equipped with a single machine gun for defense.[2]


Aisha Clan-Clan, who had been working on Heifong as a waitress, used her status as the closest Imperial Official to get on the ship. This was so she could settle her score with Gene Starwind who was also participating in the race with the Outlaw Star.[1]

Once it approached the 3rd checkpoint of the race, Aisha enacted her plan to get to Gene. Learning that this trading ship was only equipped with single machine gun, she realized she couldn't launch a sneak attack so she instead disembarked the Nibiru-Boribori in a space suit. Nubata would then broadcast a fake SOS stating that his ship had collided asteroid and therefore abandoned due to the risk of explosion. Aisha was picked up by Gene and he only realized who he had rescued once she took off her helmet.[2]



The Nibiru-Boribori is clad in brown with a shape vaguely resembling a fish. On port-side, there is a large green insignia.


The bridge is of a typical Ctarl-Ctarl design with the pilot and copilot seated inside holes. On the stern-side of the bridge, there is a platform flanked by stairs on either side with a pool of water in front, presumably connected to the shark tank situated in stern-side wall of the bridge via the waterfalls by the two sets of stairs.






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