Outlaw Star: 5th Star: My Favorite Things
Outlaw Star (Vol 5)
"Twilight" Suzuka on the cover of 5th Star: My Favorite Things
Outlaw Star Manga
English Title 5th Star: My Favorite Things
Japanese Title N/A
Chapters N/A
Length N/A
Writer Takehiko Itō
Illustrator Takehiko Itō
Trade Published by N/A
Trade Release Date N/A
Volume(s) 5

Outlaw Star: 5th Star: My Favorite Things is the title of a projected fifth volume for of the incomplete manga Outlaw Star, written and illustrated by Takehiko Itō.[1]


During the early proposals for Outlaw Star anime's second season, Sword of Wind and later another manga sequel, Retaliation, a small thumbnail image of the Manga's supposed fifth volume, featuring the assassin, Twilight Suzuka, was released online.[1] The news strong suggested that Itō may have written more material for the manga. However, as of 2014, no official news has ever been released by the writer or the manga's former publisher, Shueisha Inc..



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