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Outlaw Star: Uncollected Issues
Outlaw Star Manga
Japanese Title N/A
Chapters N/A
Length N/A
Writer Takehiko Itō
Illustrator Takehiko Itō
Magazine Ultra Jump Magazine
Original run November 20, 1998[1]
December 18, 1998[2]
March 20, 1999[3]
May 20, 1999[4]
Volume(s) N/A

The "Outlaw Star: Uncollected Issues" are four issues of the incomplete manga Outlaw Star, published in Ultra Jump magazine. Outlaw Star was written and illustrated by Takehiko Itō.


Chapters twenty and twenty one of Outlaw Star were published in Ultra Jump magazine December 18 and November 20, 1998.[1][2] Both chapters were titled "Intermission" and "Intermission II". The manga then appeared to take a three month hiatus before returning March 20, 1999 with chapter 22, "Sacred Ground".[3] Another moth passed before the final chapter, chapter 23, "Chaser", was released in, again in Ultra Jump magazine, May 20, 1999.[4]

For reasons yet to be determined, the last four chapters of the manga were never released in a collected format by Ultra Jump's publisher, Shueisha Inc..[5]


Chapter 18: IntermissionEdit

Chapter 19: Intermission IIEdit

Chapter 20: Sacred GroundEdit

Chapter 21: ChaserEdit


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