Outlaw Star 2: Retaliation
Outlaw Star Manga
Japanese Title N/A
Chapters N/A
Length N/A
Writer Takehiko Itō
Illustrator Takehiko Itō
Magazine N/A
Original run N/A
Volume(s) N/A

Outlaw Star 2: Retaliation was the name of a planned sequel to the Outlaw Star manga.[1]

Production History

Sometime after Outlaw Star 2: Sword of Wind was abandoned by Morning Star Studio and Takehiko Itō, Itō began to draw up concepts of a future manga for Outlaw Star.[1]

However, no further information was released beyond the visual concepts that featured the Outlaw Star, Gene Starwind and "Hot Ice" Hilda and her ship, the Force.[1]


Concept Art


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