Outlaw Star Original Soundtrack I
Outlaw Star (Original Soundtrack 1)
Outlaw Star Original Soundtrack I
Outlaw Star Album
Name Outlaw Star Original Soundtrack I
Released March, 21 1998[1]
Label Victor Entertainment
Genre Orchestral
Composer Kow Otani
Tracks 30
Length 65:38
Catalog Number VICL-60183
Previous Album Daytime Moon (single)
Next album House of the Moon (single)

Outlaw Star Original Soundtrack I is the first original soundtrack in the Outlaw Star series, composed by Kow Otani. Outlaw Star Original Soundtrack I was released March 21, 1998 by Victor Entertainment[1], and features the themes "Through The Night" and "Daytime Moon" by Masahiko Arimachi and Akino Arai.


All tracks composed by Kow Otani unless noted otherwise.
No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Come On!"  Kow Otani 1:51
2. "Through the Night[note1 1]"  Masahiko Arimachi 4:13
3. "Jade"  Kow Otani 1:41
4. "Desire"  Kow Otani 2:19
5. "Chase"  Kow Otani 1:40
6. "Crisis"  Kow Otani 1:36
7. "Hack"  Kow Otani 2:09
8. "Flight"  Kow Otani 3:18
9. "Uneasiness"  Kow Otani 1:47
10. "Silence"  Kow Otani 1:53
11. "Power"  Kow Otani 2:14
12. "Freedom"  Kow Otani 4:14
13. "Edge[note2 1]"  Shigeru Shibuya 5:24
14. "Gentle"  Kow Otani 2:01
15. "Tension"  Kow Otani 1:56
16. "Fear"  Kow Otani 1:56
17. "Loneliness"  Kow Otani 2:12
18. "Jasmine"  Kow Otani 2:12
19. "Suzuka"  Kow Otani 1:41
20. "Jungle"  Kow Otani 1:34
21. "Another Day[note3 1]"  Yuko Miyamura 5:24
22. "Eye Catch"  Kow Otani 0:10
23. "Grand"  Kow Otani 1:45
24. "Over"  Kow Otani 2:03
25. "Asiatic"  Kow Otani 2:22
26. "Expectation"  Kow Otani 2:12
27. "Tears"  Kow Otani 2:06
28. "Daytime Moon[note4 1]"  Akino Arai 3:30
29. "Day Break"  Kow Otani 1:51
30. "Ultimate Final Death Battle"    1:55



  1. composed and arranged by Kazuhiro Hara, lyrics and performed by Masahiko Arimachi
  1. lyrics by Masatoshi Ishikawa, composed by Tsutomu Morishita, arranged by Takumi Kikuchi, performed by Shigeru Shibuya
  1. lyrics by Yuuko Matsuzaki, composed by Kosei Asami, arranged by Hiroshi Uesugi, performed by Yuko Miyamura
  1. lyrics, composed, arranged and performed by Akino Arai


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