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Outlaw Star

The crew of the Outlaw Star are defined as outlaws by affiliation with Gene Starwind and Jim Hawking.

Outlaw is one of the three major powers in the Toward Star Era universe.


Unlike that of the position of the Space Forces and space pirates, the position of an outlaw is considered neutral[1]; depending on the situation, they rarely affiliate themselves major bodies of government or the opposite factions. The ambiguity of their position may result in their being mislabeling by Space Forces as pirates if they commit punishable crimes.[2]

What motivates and defines an outlaw is based entirely on the individual, however, the principle of "freedom" and lifetime goal or dream is considered a major motivator in becoming an outlaw.[3][1] Persons like the MacDougall brothers, Ronald and Harry define themselves themselves as outlaws, but their willingness to cooperate with the Space Forces and pirates for a price, puts them in a position that many would consider unclear.[1] Outlaws, by their nature, appear to liken themselves to nomads and the classical explorer of a new frontier.


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