Silgrian (Species)

A Silgrian captain operating on one of the Heifong System planets.

Silgrians are a humanoid species in the Toward Star Era.[1][2][3]


Silgrians are native to the Silgry system. They were among the first alien species encountered by Terrans during their expansion into space. Silgrians were among the few within the six known species who were able to establish trade and communication between Terrans and other species.[1]

A Silgrian's only negative among other species is that they are considered too friendly, their familiarity is off-putting for most.[1]

Silgrians work typical domestic jobs within varying planet systems.[1] On Heifong III, they established a religious practice where their kin and other species can visit to worship or learn about their culture.[2]


Silgrians are a bird-like species with anthropomorphic traits. They stand on two legs and possess two arms, red eyes, and are taller than the average Terran. They appear unable to fly like their aves counterparts. Male Silgrian feathers may be blue, and their underbelly is a salmon color[1], while a female Silgrian appears to have pale pink feathers and a white underbelly.[3] When they speak, Silgrians blink their eyes rapidly, bob their heads and twist their heads about in a complete 360 degree.[2][1]