Toonami Deep Space Bass
Originally performed by
Composer Joe Boyd Vigil
Lyrics Instrumental
Performer(s) Instrumental
Length 3:02
Albums Toonam: Deep Space Bass
Preceded by N/A
Followed by N/A
Starwind (Before Outlaw Star) - Toonami (Deep Space Bass) - SoundTrack 1403:03

Starwind (Before Outlaw Star) - Toonami (Deep Space Bass) - SoundTrack 14

"Starwind", is the official theme of Outlaw Star on Cartoon Network's Toonami. Composed by Joe Boyd Vigil, "Starwind" uses two compositions by Kow Otani, "Loneliness" and "Suzuka" to create a fast paced dance theme. "Starwind" was one of eighteen original compositions by Vigil to be featured on the soundtrack, Toonam: Deep Space Bass, released May 15 2001.


  • "Starwind" is commonly mistaken as a remix of or "Suzuka's Theme" by fans of Outlaw Star.[1]

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