Starwind and Hawking Enterprises



Outlaw Star Location
Planet Sentinel III
City Locust
Owner(s) Gene Starwind, Jim Hawking
Status Active
"If you're gonna do something - do it big."
—The Starwind and Hawking Enterprises motto[1]

Starwind and Hawking Enterprises, or simply, Starwind and Hawking, is a business owned and run by Gene Starwind and his business associate, Jim Hawking. Having branches on both Sentinel III and Heifong, their buildings serve as both headquarters for the business and as a general place of residence for the crew of the Outlaw Star.


Claiming to fix "everything from tractors to relationships"[2], the ambiguously legitimate business generally offers services such as repairs, cargo hauling, and protection - although any job offer appears to be accepted regardless due to their apparent financial problems. Despite acting as a primary source of income, the running and upkeep of the business usually ends up being incredibly expensive due to factors such as rent and purchasing assets for jobs.

The Sentinel III branch of Starwind and Hawking is destroyed during a fight between Kyokan, a Senjutsu master, and Twilight Suzuka[3], and later, Gene is forced to leave Sentinel III due to a Kei Pirate attack which causes the authorities to try and detain him and the crew.[4] After blasting off to Heifong, the crew partake in and win first place in the Privateer category of the Thirteenth Annual Heifong Space Race[5], which allows them to purchase and decorate a new building for Starwind and Hawking Enterprises on the outskirts of Heifong.