Biographical information
Species Unknown
Planet Mystel asteroid[1]
Physical description
Hair White,
Black (fur)
Eyes Blue
Career information
Affiliation Links Group,
Meifon Li
Out-of-Universe information
First appearance "Guardian Angel"

Taffei[2] (太飛?) is a species of an unknown origin that takes the form of a winged cat-like creature. Taffei is the pet of Meifon Li.[3]


Taffei is a product of Chenho Li's engineering and the alien organism he and Goryu discovered in the crashed ship on the Mystel asteroid.[1] However, where its partner, Meifon Li is a bio android, Taffei is neither android or cyborg, but a living organism made of "fluid metal".[2]

Taffei has the power to transform into a long sword which bears angelic and demonic qualities. Despite its status as a weapon, Taffei has an established self-consciousness.[2] Taffei usually hides in her cleavage until Meifon calls for it's help.[3]





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