Outlaw Star Planet
System Unknown
Key Inhabitant(s) Urt
Ark Manaf
Species Various
Population Unknown
Primary Terrain Metropolis; Mountains; etc.

Tenrei is a resort planet of an unknown system and a major tourist attraction.[1]



Three wizards named Urt, Hadul and Ark Manaf discovered the planet and hoped to find a powerful element known as mana. Their search, presumably, resulted in nothing save for the discovery of the hot springs. Seizing the opportunity, Urt used the hot springs to turn a profit, eventually transforming the entire planet into a resort for tourists and travelers.[1]

Hadul and Ark, however, were not allowed a share in the profits made by Urt and were forced to sell souvenirs in order to make a living. Whatever mana the planet did possess, the three wizards attempted to harness for themselves. They eventually resorted to capturing the power of the planet's mana within cartridges. In conjunction with the cartridges, the wizards created weapons, such as guns or staffs to fire them.[1]

Hagone Hot Springs World

On Tenrei, the resort, Hagone Hot Springs World is the central hub of Urt's resort business. Visitors gain access to the Hagone Spring Worlds via railway system or on foot. Prior to entering the Hagone Hot Springs Worlds, assistants that work at the resort will dress visitors accordingly, such as in swimsuits or beachwear, as a means to maximize the visitor's experience. The railway's train carts are flooded with hot water, presumably to allow the visitors to relax prior to entering the springs.[1]

Likely as a means to cater to other species, Hagone Hot Springs World provides alternate types of "hot springs" at temperature levels unfit for Terrans.

Mount Nantai

Mount Nantai is the residence of Urt and could be considered the "center" of Tenrei and its resort business. Those living on Nantai are all female. Fully aware of Hadul and Ark Manaf's more perverse nature, Urt laid traps across the mountain, all of which were disguised by the snow that masks their hot springs underneath the mountain.[1]


  • Mount Nantai (男体山 Nantai-san?) (lit. "manly mountain"), is an dormant volcano, located in Japan.
  • Because of the adult content featured in the episode in which Tenrei appears, it was never aired on Cartoon Network during Outlaw Star's run on Toonami.
  • In the episode's introduction, there appear to be references to a rabbit-like humanoid species residing on the planet before Urt converted into a tourist site. What became of this species, whether or not they even existed in the first place, is not addressed in the episode proper. However, there are some people dressed up in mascot costumes resembling them.



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