Outlaw Star has been my favorite television show since I first saw it air on Toonami in early 2001. In more recent years, I tried to see if there was a wiki dedicated to it, and well...the results were bittersweet.

Yes, there was an Outlaw Star wiki. But the lack of content was startling. I would have started filling it out to the best of my ability right there and then, except...I had no idea how to edit a wiki page. Heck, I still don't know a whole lot. I kept hoping that someone would come around and help fix it, but after seeing a huge, well-written article for Hazanko appear on the villains wiki rather than here, followed by a few other equally well-written Outlaw Star articles, I realized that this wiki was apparently forsaken, and if I kept waiting around for someone with more experience with wikis to take up the reins, there was no telling how much longer I could wait. But if I myself took action, regardless of my experience well...then I'd know how long the wait would be, to put it one way.

I'm still figuring out how to edit a wiki, and there's no denying that help would not only be appreciated, but in certain areas, it's required. For example:

1. Certain page titles do not match what has been established as the official spelling, but I have no idea how to go about changing a page title.

2. On various wikis, there's a way to create a column of sorts in the top right corner of a page where you can list things such as a character's age, gender, race/species, first appearance, etc. Only a few character pages here have that, and even then they're not very consistant with one another. However, I have no idea how to edit that column, or even make one!

3. Do category pages qualify as individual pages (aka towards the counter that says "_ pages on this wiki")?

And believe me when I say that there's more where those came from. I really am just going to wing it, at least in the beginning. But you know what? That's alright. I may not have the technical know-how, but when it comes to Outlaw Star knowledge, trivia, and passion, I'm as good as they get, if not better. Those should be than enough to take me pretty darn far.

I'll leave for now, but not without sharing one of my favorite exchanges from the show, one that is quite an accurate description for this situation as a whole.

"Have faith in me, guys. Enjoy the ride! You're in good hands! I can handle this! I can do this!" "How do you know?" "I don't!" "I knew it!" "That's okay! There's a first time for everything! - Gene and Jim

You better get ready!

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